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Kwame Geathers - NFL Legend to Quicken Loans

Testimonial - Kwame Geathers

Intro:  Hear from a former NFL player who was hired by the Quicken Loans Family of Companies through events like the NFL Bridge to Success and Business Symposium.  Learn more through his history!

During my last semester of college, I was introduced to Quicken Loans at the NFL Bridge to Success.  This opportunity could not have coma at a better time since my playing career was coming to an end.

Luckily, after meeting the Quicken Loans reps I was able to build a relationship that led to an interview.  After the interview, I was informed that I was chosen for their Student Athlete Externship.  This week-long job shadow experience at their offices offered me the exciting opportunity to explore the city of Detroit and everything the company has to offer.

Traveling to Detroit, I had no idea what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got there.  One of the first things we did was take a tour of the city and having this historical background helps visitors like myself realize how far the city has come within the past five years.  The change is absolutely amazing!  Words really cannot describe just how beautiful Detroit is and how it's continuing to grow.

Beyond the tour, I was able to experience the opening of the brand new Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit!  This gave me a better visualization of how much Detroit is changing and preparing for further growth.  I have been telling everyone I know that they must visit Detroit because big things are on the way.

When accepting the invite to the externship, I was really looking forward to the shadowing experience.  I wanted to get experience in same of the different areas of business Quicken Loans has to offer.

There are so many different aspects of Quicken Loans that I did not know existed such as StockX, Xenith and Bedrock.  Quicken Loans has over 100 Family of Companies under their umbrella and it was amazing to see how they all tie together.

Seeing these different parts revealed all of the opportunities this company has available and this externship did a great job in making sure I got that experience I needed.  After shadowing the sales side of Quicken Loans, I felt like it was an area I could easily transition into due to the skill set I already owned through athletics.

This company is built for people with transferable skills that athletes have like communicating at a high level, being a leader, having a good work ethic, being a good teammate and being coachable.

During the week, we participated in activities that were very impactful in helping to build my skills.  The team building activity, professional development workshops, shadowing sessions and networking events all helped me realize me strengths and weaknesses.

One experience that really helped expand my skills was the team building exercise.  Learning how to work together on a project and activities as a team with other people that you've just met reminded me of going into a new locker room and working towards the common goal of winning.

Doing the resume workshop and mock interviews were also true learning experiences.  I believe that anytime you are able to get feedback on your resume and interviewing skills, it helps you become stronger.  Not many students are getting this kind of help and guidance, so it makes it hard when they graduate to build a strong resume.  Being critiqued during my mock interview helped me understand what business professionals are looking for when hiring.

This externship really gave me the chance of a lifetime and helped me build confidence as I moved into the professional world.

Meeting the Founders Dan Gilbert & Lindsay Gross

Having the chance to meet and speak with the founders of such a well-established company made this experience feel very personal.  Hearing them speak about how they started the business and how it got to where it is now showed me that if you think and believe it, you really can achieve it.

For the founders to be willing to take the time to talk with us, it shows you what kind of company Quicken Loans is continuing to build.  It is not everyday people have a chance to sit with, listen to and ask questions to owners of a multi-billion-dollar business.

I would recommend Quicken Loans to anyone looking to join a company where you have tons of opportunity for growth and a foundation to help you make a huge impact!

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