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Building A Resume For Success

Convert sports experience into business language.


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  • Identify the career/position athlete is pursuing.

  • Review the company profiles that are on Ascending Athletes' website.

  • For large employers, their Human Resources Information System (HRIS) will match the key words in their job description to the words in a resume. If key words are not evident, the resume may not make it to the eyes of a recruiter. It is very important that the resume speaks to the position using common language.


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  • Tie experiences to positions presented in job description.

  • Do not write about football accomplishments.

  • List four to five attributes that have been developed through playing your sport. If there are multiple teams, the main employer should be your league - example: NFL. This allows you to speak to the attributes developed throughout the entire experience. All teams may still be listed below.


attributes resume.PNG

➢ Achieve Goals

➢ Agile Leaders

➢ Analytical Skills

➢ Commitment to Excellence

➢ Communication Skills

➢ Teamwork


summary overview resume.PNG
  • This section is at the top of the resume and ties all experiences and attributes together.

  • Tell them why they should hire you.

  • Normally, you would be specific in this area to the career you are seeking. The example below is generic because it was written for interviews and meetings with several companies at a Career Fair.



​Highly driven to be a part of and build a successful team and work environment. Self-motivated and always finding ways for self-improvement. Never settling and wanting to get better both individually and within an organization. Leadership abilities to guide a team towards a specific goal at multiple competitive levels. Very strong written and oral skills to be able to properly communicate information or message.

➢ Achieve Goals

➢ Determination

➢ Discipline

➢ Flexibility

➢ Goal Setting

➢ Sacrifice

➢ Leadership

➢ Learning New Systems

➢ Meeting a Challenge

➢ Motivation & Commitment

➢ Perform Under Pressure

➢ Persistence - Never Give Up Attitude

➢ Put Strategy into Action

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