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Since 1995, Andy Schroeder, founder of Ascending Athletes, has helped numerous athletes make a successful transition into the business world.  He understands the challenges of this journey after collegiate and professional athletics.


Ascending Athletes was founded to help elite athletes achieve their career goals beyond sports.  It’s an organization dedicated to helping current and former professional athletes, along with their significant others, gain the tools, skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to prepare, identify, and land the business opportunity that best meets the needs of each individual.  We understand the difficulties, challenges and frustrations athletes face in their life after sports so we strive to make this next step in life as smooth and successful as possible by bringing together players and top national employers along with franchise and entrepreneurship opportunities. In partnership with the NFL, Ascending Athletes brings its Business Symposium and the NFL Bridge to Success to various areas throughout the U.S. These events bring together professional athletes and national companies to network with one another, gain insight and knowledge, and participate in real-time interviews/meetings with one another.


As well as providing opportunities for athletes, employers and franchises are presented with the opportunity to network with hardworking individuals. They get the chance to hire individuals who already know the true definition of teamwork, drive, and discipline.


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Andy Schroeder,

Founder & President

  • Andy Schroeder

Julie Nelson,

Director, Player Relations & Business Development

  • Julie Nelson
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