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Attributes of Professional Athletes

The following list provides the transferrable attributes that elite athletes develop during their sports careers. These attributes are very valuable to corporate employers. We always encourage elite athletes to pick four attributes that best describes them from this list. Then, write a sentence about each attribute. This exercise helps to develop content for your resume, LinkedIn and interview.


➢ Achieve Goals

➢ Agile Leaders

➢ Analytical Skills

➢ Commitment to Excellence

➢ Communication Skills

➢ Determination

➢ Discipline

➢ Flexibility

➢ Goal Setting

➢ Leadership

➢ Learning New Systems

➢ Meeting a Challenge

➢ Motivation &


➢ Perform Under Pressure

➢ Persistence -

     Never Give Up Attitude

➢ Put Strategy into Action

➢ Sacrifice

➢ Teamwork

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