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 Darrick Brown:

From the NFL to Xenith

Q&A By: Julie Nelson

Q: Tell us more about you and your NFL career.

A: I was an undrafted rookie out of McNeese State back in 2008 along with my younger brother Marcus Brown. My Rookie mini-camp with the Oakland Raiders I was voted the MVP as a cornerback. I was also rated the best player on the Madden 2009 video game where I had a 97 speed and 98 jumps as rookie. After my stint with Oakland, I was a member of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts organizations. It's kind of funny looking back because I ended up facing the Saints again in the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.


Q: What is your role/responsibilities in your current position?

A: I am currently an Outside Sales Representative with Xenith, the industry leader in football helmet technology. My position as a sales rep is to cover the South Texas region. I am responsible for reaching out to youth programs, women's leagues, local schools and colleges as well as NFL teams and promoting our products.

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned along your journey?

A: The most important thing is don't give up just because you're not playing football anymore. I learned that networking is the key to the sales world and don't keep what you're doing a secret or what you want to do a secret. There is always someone willing to help when you put yourself out there.


Q: What advice would you give someone making the transition into the business world?

A: When transitioning, it's like football - concentrate on one job. I would say don't try and do three or four jobs and think it will work because it will not. I would also say create a LinkedIn get an updated resume. I encourage players to reach out to the NFL and get yourself a transition coach. It's always good to have another player you played with that you can stay in touch with because I promise he may be going through the same thing and you can lean on each other for advice.

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